Blogs in the automotive industry: Opinion survey

Dear Blog Readers,

My name is Klaus Römer and I am studying business studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany. The present survey is part of my degree dissertation about blogs at the Chair of Marketing I, head Prof. Huber. The success of this project depends on your help!

The goal of this empirical study is to investigate blog based online communities. I focus on blogs that contain posts about automobiles.

I appreciate if you can take approximately 8 minutes of your time to answer the following online questionnaire. There are no correct or incorrect responses; I am merely interested in your personal point of view.

Please answer the questionnaire completely, because otherwise I cannot use the data for my research project. Please try to answer even such questions truthfully that seem to sound a little bit strange.

Further, I assure you that all your responses to this survey are completely confidential and serve exclusively as a database for my non commercial empirical study. Moreover, it will be impossible to link the responses to the respective individual.

Thank you for your participation in my study!

With best regards from Mainz, Germany
Klaus Römer


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